• Isha Ashley Knight

Preloved Baby Items

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Aurora wearing preloved leopard print outfit and preloved ugg boots.

There is so much to say when it comes to preloved baby gear. Whether it is clothing, shoes, toys, prams or bedding.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given when I was pregnant with Aurora was "Don't buy too many things as she will spoiled by everybody else!"

This felt awfully assumptious, which made me feel extremely uncomfortable. As though I should simply expect other people to shower my unborn baby with the materialistic love I could only dream of.

So, there I sat with a note book, writing down all of the things I would need for my precious baby. I thought about newborn items through to toddler stage necessities. Fueled with guilt that I couldn't possibly afford everything she would need, I would create and often delete wish lists in my phone's notes aside from my regular note book session.

After many mind talks with me, I reassured myself that it was OK for other people to love my baby so much that they could choose to spoil her with whatever they wished. Over time, it became easier to delete my lists of baby needs and look forward to the special gifts we would receive for our daughter.

When we were gifted, we were always so flabbergasted. Everything was so tiny. Everything was so damn beautiful. Many a times we thought, "Goodness we didn't think of THAT!" or "Could that get ANY cuter?" But mostly, it was "Holy crap, we are so blessed by these people."

Aurora inherited piles of the most unique boutique styled Spanish wear... which is in fact one of my favorite types of clothing for babies. It was as though she had 5 older sisters, who saved their most loved dresses, rompers and 2 piece sets to give to Aurora.

When my darling baby arrived into this world, she already had a wardrobe filled with pure love. Adolescent stories of her cousins, her soon to be friends, that were riddled with the sounds of sweet laughter.

Each item carried a tale. I couldn't wait to see her with these items and one day show her photo's. Explaining how these goods were so preciously gifted by her loved ones that she would grow to adore.

Our hearts filled with gratitude for all that our daughter was blessed with.

13 months into Aurora's life and we are even bigger fans of preloved goods. We love charity shops for toys. We love getting together with special friends to share items. We promise to take good care of certain things and return them when our little ones grow out of them. Be it a high chair, bouncer, bottle warmer, pair of boots or Halloween outfits!

The bonds I already experience with my family and friends is heightened by this exchange. This mutual understanding of high value upon what our children use and need on a daily basis.

If you ever feel that you are not giving your little one the best because you cannot afford brand new items with expensive price tags like I once did... please be reminded that you are the extension of an already beautiful story.

In the case that you require something more factual to feel contentment in choosing to go secondhand, here's a list written by Jennifer Madison at Bellatory on the benefits of secondhand clothing, which I beleive can be extended to all secondhand goods.

4 Benefits Of Buying Secondhand Clothing

1.) Reduces your environmental impact

2.) Doesn't promote exploitative work conditions

3.) Saves you hundreds of dollars/pounds

4.) Your unique vintage style looks more authentic

As per Jennifer, "buying secondhand clothing helps lower the overall demand for new clothing to be produced. Choosing to wear used clothing means you are helping to recycle useful items that might otherwise end up discarded in landfills."

Where to buy secondhand

1.) Instagram - this has become a very popular new way of selling and buying preloved baby items

2.) Facebook marketplace - this is also a very popular place to sell and buy preloved. Often you will find bundles of clothing advertised rather than payment for 1 item only, plus great toys (we also picked up some beautiful homeware from this platform)

3.) eBay - this has to be one of the most long standing online platforms I am aware of

4.) Mum2MumMarket - very popular events offering preloved baby goods and maternity wear (I lived in preloved maternity gear during pregnancy and still wear some of the bottoms now!)