• Isha Ashley Knight

How To Dress As a New Mum

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

On Sunday I became a God MAMA to my cousins beautiful daughter.

Aside from feeling the utmost pride and privilege to have been asked, I felt such uncertainty of what I would wear for this special day.

It was a day that I wanted to remember, with only good memories. I wanted to not only witness my goddaughter in her life blessing, but I wanted to feel strong, confident and comfortable in myself whilst standing along side my family.

With very little thought, I pictured a beige suit with a golden glittery turtle neck. This outfit in my mind, was glitzy yet so simplistic and chic.

I’ve always been so drawn to warm neutral tones, but recently - perhaps with thanks to Autumn, I’ve been even more attracted to them. The imaginary visuals have been so strong and alluring.

With this in mind, I set off to see what our local shops had for me. Everything I tried on, failed me.

Returning home, with nothing to wear, I reminded myself that my body has changed as has my mind. I couldn’t search for the exact items, I WOULD have worn, but what would suit me better now.

Refreshing my mind, helped me the next day to find the most perfect version of my original desired outfit, except this had an edge that was NOW. One that reminded me of how my mother used to dress when I was a child. This resonated me. How beautiful she always looked. How unique she always dressed. With class. Her personality shining through.

When I tried it on, I felt like I was her. My body felt so comfortable. All of the right spots were showing and/or hidden. The colors complimented me as I had wished they would. I felt strong. I felt classic. I felt chic.

What’s best? The trousers were on sale for only 6.00GBP and the blazer jacket is one I can wear for a lifetime.

It's taken me pretty much 12 months postpartum to rediscover myself in fashion as a new mummy, so I have some very special tips from the heart for you.

1.) Don’t forget who you were and don’t forget who you are now

What Do I Actually Mean?

For me, remembering what I WOULD have worn reminded me of who I WAS and what I USED to like. But it has also confused what I would and SHOULD choose now.

How To Fix It

COMBINE both versions of you!

I used to be a lover of trousers (all types) and tight turtle necks for Autumn/Winter. Now, I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing a tight turtle neck, so instead I swap the tight version for a loose jumper version or I wear the tight one under a looser jumper for an additional layer and of course neck detail.

2.) Know what underwear works with what

What Do I Actually Mean?

Your nursing bra is going to do no justice under that tight knitted jumper, or silky blouse. Now forget how it looks and imagine how it will feel? Scruffy? Can you smell milk???

How To Fix It

Wear your comforts, when you are having a day of comforts or are with your nursing baby and choose more fitted, classic bras for when you are dressing less casual, such as for dinner, work. You will instantly feel enhanced event though nobody else really has a clue!

3.) Choose High Waisted

Why Would I Choose This?

Unless you have bounced back to your pre baby shape, high-waisted is the answer. You will gain a flatter shape and literally feel like you are tucked away safely. During maternity most women become so used to wearing mum jeans with stretchy banding so why not transfer into a regular pair that no longer falls down since baby was born!

(I continued to wear mine until approx. 12 months postpartum. I don’t agree when some advise to throw away because they helped me to get through my first year without having the difficulty of searching for new jeans when I didn’t really want to shop at all.)

4.) Embrace Your New Attractions

What Do I Actually Mean?

You know when you REALLY like something but talk yourself out of buying it because you just wont be able to pull it off? Well, yeah, don’t do that anymore.

How To Fix It

Pick up those dresses that you can’t stop looking at and get yourself into the changing room. Take different sizes, different styles and notice how each makes you feel. With your new mind and body, you will FEEL and LOOK different. You have a new confidence in being a mother, even if you sometimes feel lousy or unattractive with your ever lasting greasy hair and make up free face.

Don’t doubt the new things that you are drawn too, before returning to work, I went shopping for dresses that I would have loved pre baby but probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in, but now I am a mama, I tried on these dresses and they fit perfectly. They gave me the classy, professional, simplistic look I needed for comfort, looks and ease in the morning (no fuss outfits/ironing/choosing a top and bottoms and matching shoes -yuck!)

5.) Recognize The Season

Why Should I Do this?

If you can align with the season, your life with fashion will become easier. Put away all of your summer clothes and focus on Autumn and Winter Warmers now. This will immediately diminish any distractions or time waste on clothing that you may like and fit into, but will leave you feeling cold and truly outdated.

6.) * Golden Tip *

Fear Not The Occasion

What Do I Actually Mean?

Don’t save that beautiful dress or outfit for the perfect occasion because you may miss all of the wonderful feelings your beautiful clothing could bring to you.

How To Fix It

Purchase more than 1 dress/outfit that makes you feel all the things you desire in an outfit. Pick items up from high street fashion retailers so you aren’t spending big money and holding out for that perfect moment.

I hope these tips help you mama, to rediscover the new you. Never forget that you are beautiful, no matter how washed out you feel. It's OK to feel lost and save these tips to the home page of your phone. Let them help you when you're ready to update your wardrobe! Big hugs!