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Hair Care for Baby and Mum

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Becoming a new mum, means hair care is usually the last thing on your list of To Do's, like most other self care duties are.

To me, this was something I looked forward too.

As a child, I had luxurious silky long hair that reached my bum! After years of being a water child and growing into a teenager, chlorine and hormones took this away from me.

Oh how I longed for beautiful hair again. No matter what products I used, the frizz, the dead ends, never seemed manageable.

So, with my mother's advice and experience in caring for many a mane's (including her own head of hair plus her fleet of horses!) I began using natural treatments.

Coconut oil was top of the list.

Over time, as I grew, I also swam less. My hair started to become tame. Healthy. Long. With the help of natural oils such as coconut oil, my hair became enriched again. But, it wasn't exactly where I dreamt of it being.

I had many of hopeful wishes for "the day I would fall pregnant". Perhaps because I thought it would never happen, I dreamt of things that felt impossible to occur when the impossible became possible. If I could fall pregnant, then SURELY my other desires could happen too?

So away I would dream... of being a mother, with NO time to WASH or STYLE my hair. No work or other life commitments for at least 9 months during maternity leave. This meant, my hair could be given the chance to grow, to be left alone without any heat or overload of products to find its natural oil balance again.

As crazy as it may sound, it worked. My hair is now as healthy and lengthy as I desired for long.

Having had such a tough time with my hair, it has been my priority to ensure my darling baby's hair does not go through the same as I did. So, I decided to start my sweetheart's hair treatments young!

Whilst I battled with washing or brushing my hair since becoming a new mum, I made sure Aurora had a hair care treatment at least once a week. Not only has her hair grown so long, but it never fell out, like so many people told me it would. No matter how much she rubs her head while sleeping, it has remained so healthy, silky and simply beautiful.

Here's some tips below on how to care for your baby's hair and ultimately yours, too!

What Products To Use

Cocobelle Baby Coconut Oil

How To Use

1.) Scoop a small amount of coconut oil from the tub out with your hands

2.) Rub into your hands until it dilutes into liquid

3.) Apply to entire head of hair (baby) or from mid to ends (mother)

4.) Leave for minimum of 30 minutes or overnight for deep treatment (cover pillow with soft towel for mother to avoid damage to fabric)

5.) Shampoo at least twice to ensure coconut oil washes out entirely otherwise hair may appear greasy/unwashed

Additional Tips

1.) Can be used on entire body including face - why not apply at the same time as your hair for ultimate self care?

2.) If rushed for time, you have a fussy baby or want to soak in the bath for some 'me time' - use as bath oil and do not rinse .... Notice how soft skin is!

3.) Has baby got a sore bottom? Seeking a natural remedy? This works too!

The link in this post for COCOBELLE product has been posted via an Amazon Affiliate link. It has been shared due to my true belief in this product and genuine usage on both my daughter and I.

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