• Isha Ashley Knight

Days Like This In Motherhood

Now that my daughter is almost 14 months old, the days of breastfeeding on the sofa all day, whilst watching endless movies has pretty much come to an end.

Even though those days sound heavenly, they were also very tough at times. Unable to move for fear of waking the baby up. So much so, that you actually wet yourself a little bit just so both baby AND you can rest for just 5 minutes more. Or allowing your mouth to become as dry as the Sahara because you know... that glass of water just really isn't worth the hassle.

It's important however, in those moments that feel everlasting, to remember that they are so short lived. As your baby grows, they will become more independent. This is a wondrous achievement for them and for you as a mother. You should and will feel very proud, but you may also wish to cuddle up with them like you used to.

With independence comes, SASS and more often than not, your little one, will scrunch their face up and wriggle out of your arms all whilst making noises that indicate they want you to get OFF OF THEM NOW.

So, when they are caught by the common seasonal cold... you may have a chance to sit down like I did recently. A sitting that lasts longer than the above scenario. You will find yourself reflecting on how lucky you are. With your little on in your arms. You will realize how much you miss these moments. You will hold onto these days. Forever. Here's sort of how my thought process was, on our day of sickness and gratitude.

"Days like today are ones I’m going to miss.

When you have a poorly baby, who wants nothing but you.

When you can see outside of everything bringing you down to realise your blessings.

When you are able to cook hearty healthy autumnal meals for your entire family.

When you have more than 5 minutes to talk to a friend.

When you dress your baby up to celebrate current festivities.

When you decide to return to cloth diapers.

Days like today are rare and unique. They are so special albeit difficult at times.

I can’t imagine my baby ever not wanting or needing me. Even if she is being a little witch."

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