• Isha Ashley Knight

Breastfeeding Tips For New Mums

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Be Patient

Be patient with both yourself and your baby. You both have so much to learn. Try your best to remember this, so you may embark your nursing journey together in a calm and comforting environment for the both of you.

Find The Right Position For The Both Of You

Most breastfeeding mothers will experience a level of discomfort during the beginning of their nursing journey. Not only are you learning how to hold your baby so they may feed in the best position for them, but they are learning how to latch in the positions that they are placed in. It takes two, to find the “perfect position” enabling a happy nursing session for each of you.

Pay Special Attention To The Care Of Your Breasts

If you are so lucky to spend some alone time, under the blissful waterfall that is your bathrooms shower head, turn up the heat as much as you can cope with. The steam is especially good for breastfeeding breasts that are in need of TLC. Once you are out of the water, pat your breasts dry, or allow them to dry naturally, then slather on a nursing friendly lotion/oil/balm. My favorite and only oil I used (and still use) is this one from Cocobelle. It is organic, BPA free, ethically sourced, natural and 100% free from chemicals, making it completely safe for your baby to nurse on you after applying.

Nourish Your Body With Wholesome and Delicious Foods

Breastfeeding is exceptionally blissful and equally exhausting. Boost your immunity, your energy levels and your quality of milk by nourishing your body with wholesome and delicious tasting foods. Taking care of a precious newborn, is perhaps the most demanding of jobs... you owe this to yourself.

Take a Break, Your Baby Will Thank You For It Later

Sometimes, our breasts simply need a break. Listen to your body's signals and signs. If there is ongoing pain, signs of blocked ducts or mastitis, you should probably allow yourself some time to re-coop physically and mentally. I personally expressed with this breast-pump (I still use this 10 months on) to offer my right breast a break, without loosing milk supply. It was the best decision I made.

Believe You Will Have Enough Milk, Because You Will

If you do choose to express some milk, or experience an upset baby, you may fear that you have not expressed anything substantial or that your baby has not fed enough directly from your breast due to a low milk supply. Often, this is just how it starts. I remember celebrating when I managed to express 1 oz. It took days, perhaps maybe even over one week, until I began to see more than 1 oz from expressing. Everyone is different. My comfort was held in knowing that the more my baby fed directly on the breast/the more I expressed, the more my body would send signals resulting in an increased milk supply specific to my babies needs.

Hydration Is Key

Providing a soothing nursing experience for your baby is always on your mind, but what about providing yourself with some comforts too? I specifically HAD to pour myself a very large glass of water before we sat down together to nurse. I didn't know if we would be 5 minutes or 45 minutes and I would often be gasping for hydration.

*Additional Tip – Leave a glass full next to your usual spot, that can be easily reached

Whatever you experience on your breastfeeding journey, I assure you, you are not the first nor only one. Try your best to speak up, ask for help and seek professional assistance if things do not seem to progress. When I finally achieved comfort in nursing with my right breast, I still visited a NHS breastfeeding class to calm my anxieties and gain professional reassurance. I met amazing women and was able to continue my journey feeling that I had really figured this whole breastfeeding thing out.

If you are unable to attend a local breastfeeding class for any reason, or would like to persevere yourself at home first, here are a few links to some helpful videos.