• Isha Ashley Knight

A Letter To My Baby's Daddy

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Dear Aurora’s Daddy (My Faro), 

Falling in love with any woman is risky. Falling in love with a woman who suffers from PCOS, is even riskier. If you are a man who wants a family of his own, that is. You however, disagreed when we first met. Assuring me always, that any fear of infertility was simply that, a fear. With a scientific mind and willingness to seek answers, you sought evidence to back up your daily motivators. Your encouragement and support was so informative and heartfelt, that I was able to kiss goodbye years of self doubt and tormenting dreams. 

Together, we found ways to enhance not only my fertility but my moods, lifestyle and relationship with myself. Which in turn, strengthened our relationship with one another. You were the man I had longed for. One I could trust, find comfort in, learn from, lean on... the list goes on. 

Almost one year after the birth of our miracle baby you so promised me, I am in need of your help again. 

My hormones have become exceptionally unbalanced once more and new fears have developed. In being a mother to our precious girl, a loving (failing) partner to you, a wannabe 5 star rated house keeper and wannabe Michelin star chef, I have neglected my PCOS suffering. 

I’m ready to kick PCOS in the ass again and I hope you are, too? 

Loving you always, 

Your Moon